Tina Margareta Nilssen is a classical pianist who lives in Oslo, and grew up in Trondheim, Norway.
She has released one solo CD and three CD’s with music for two pianos with the Dena Piano Duo, all of them internationally critically acclaimed. The solo CD presents the Grieg piano sonata in e-minor, 5 pieces of Signe Lund and Beethovens sonata “Appassionata”. The first two Dena Piano Duo recordings include all of Mozart and Grieg’s works for two pianos, and in the third CD release in 2013 “Hommage à Grieg” they recorded works of Brahms, Saint-Saëns, Wolfgang Plagge and Terje Bjørklund.

Tina has performed solo and duet recitals in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, England, USA, Moscow, Italy, New York and Philadelphia. She has been a soloist with orchestras several times with piano concertos of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Grieg and Gershwin, and played at various music festivals and concert series. Her performances include playing duo with great performers such as Arve Tellefsen, Kari Postma, Johannes Martens, Stine Rem Aarønes, Daniel Dalnoki, Heide Görtz, Beate Mordal, Christian Ihle Hadland and Ingrid Andsnes.

She took her Masters degree at The Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo (Prof. Jens Harald Bratlie) with one year Erasmus program at the University of Arts in Berlin (Prof. Heide Görtz), and her Bachelor at Barratt Due Music Institute (Prof. Jiri Hlinka) and at NTNU Institute of Music in Trondheim (Jørgen Larsen).

As a pianist she has received the two-year Norwegian artists’ working grant from the Norwegian Arts Council, Jansons Fund, RWE-Dea, Norwegian “Fund For Performing Artists”, as well as many other grants.

Besides her performing commitments, Tina is the founder of Musicians’ Health and Movement Institute in Oslo, and the creator of a method for musicians called Timani. She teaches Timani regularly at The Norwegian Academy of Music, at Musik Akademie Basel and at other institutions around the world.


Solo-CD reviews:

STEREO PLUSS – Top score

«She both caresses the keys, and when needed bangs loose at them as though it were between life and death. It is tremendously well played, and plain out impossible not to be carried away. I sometimes use piano music as something relaxing in the background, but even in the calm places in the second movement of Appassionata, Tina Margareta Nilssen ruthlessly keeps my full attention.”

“In other words, you should make note of the name Tina Margareta Nilssen, if you haven’t already.”

— Roy Ervin Solstad, Stereopluss, desember 2017.




“Nilssen’s performance must not be underestimated as it pertains to the whole. It is her exquisite and perfectly measured playing that produces such a sense of detached time and space. Her playing is effortless, masterful and lush. It’s easy to get lost in the notes and forget all about the troubles in the world. Nothing matters when this level of beauty is so easily attained by a mere push of the start button on your digital transport.”

“I think it should be obvious by now how I feel about Appassionata, and that is an essential piano recording. If you have yet to splurge on a 2L Recording, end the drought and start here.”

— Marc Phillips, New York, 16. February 2018