Reviews for the solo CD:

STEREO PLUSS – Top score: «She both caresses the keys, and when needed bangs loose at them as though it were between life and death. It is tremendously well played, and plain out impossible not to be carried away. I sometimes use piano music as something relaxing in the background, but even in the calm places in the second movement of Appassionata, Tina Margareta Nilssen keeps my full attention.”

“In other words, you should just remember the name Tina Margareta Nilssen, if you haven’t already.”

— Roy Ervin Solstad, Stereopluss, desember 2017.

THE VINYL ANACHRONIST: “Nilssen’s performance must not be underestimated as it pertains to the whole. It is her exquisite and perfectly measured playing that produces such a sense of detached time and space. Her playing is effortless, masterful and lush. It’s easy to get lost in the notes and forget all about the troubles in the world. Nothing matters when this level of beauty is so easily attained by a mere push of the start button on your digital transport.”

“I think it should be obvious by now how I feel about Appassionata, and that is an essential piano recording. If you have yet to splurge on a 2L Recording, end the drought and start here.”

— Marc Phillips, New York, 16. February 2018

DAG OG TID (DAY AND TIME): «Nilssen really gets the richness of the deep notes on the piano to sound great, especially in Griegs 3rd movement «Alla menuetto», where the fullness of the bass grabs a hold of you, yet always with clarity..»

«I especially like the interpretation of the second movement «Andante con moto», where Beethoven uses a simple chord progression as the foundation of a series of variations. Here Nilssen shows herself as an intelligent «sound strategist», where the disposition of the dynamics are precisely distributed, which makes the gradual increase of intensity toward the highlight at the end elegant and natural.»

— Sjur Haga Bringeland, February 2018

AUDIOPHILE Italia: Artistic judgment: Excellent-exceptional

“In Grieg’s sonata, Nilssen presents a performance with strong colors, in which the contrasting impulses alternate quickly, in the five short pieces of Lund, the painting becomes more impressionistic, sculpted with attention to the shades. Finally, Beethoven, whose passion looks like the thinker of Auguste Rodin, who shows you shadows and blinding light, perpetually in the balance between the tradition of a classicistic balance and the references from mermaids of Ulysses of the romantic song that already press at the door.”

December 2017

DEN KLASSISKE CD-BLOGGEN: «A great piano CD! Tina Margareta Nilssen shows us a sensitive way of playing which is very attractive.»

«She makes the music come alive – and the interpretations are amongst the best, because she presents the music with passion. Because it is a bold thing to record these two standard pieces of music – but she can absolutely be compared to the very best recordings, both musically and with her technical elegance.

This is a very pleasant musical aquaintance!»

Trond Erikson, torsdag 28th of March 2019

TOR DE JAZZ: «Tina Margareta Nilssen impresses with her interpretations.»

«Nilssen shows a strength and a musical temperament in her interpretations that presents the big emotions that the music is asking for. She is also excellent in using the dynamics so that the nuances, that there are many of, has the chance to come to the surface.

«Appassionata» is strong, beautiful and amazing music, interpreted by a pianist that I’ve had a true pleasure of becoming aquainted with.»

Tor Hammerø 11.05.2018

Reviews for Dena Piano Duo:

Klassisk Musikkmagasin: “When a reviewer comes across a CD where he can’t imagine anything being better, he has to say say honestly – and this release is perfect in every department. The playing fizzes with rhythmic excitement. The recording itself is as good you will ever hear, with the details crystal-clear in a warm and immediate acoustic – and anyway, there’s hardly a more exciting sound in all music than that of two pianos on the hunt. The booklet text, by Patrick Dinslage of the Edvard-Grieg-Forschungstelle an der Universität der Künste Berlin, is well written and informative. And then there’s the music: the performances of the two familiar variation-sets, the Brahms and Saint-Saëns, are roundly excellent, both in the execution of individual passages and in the overall sweep of the architecture. The two modern Norwegian pieces sandwiched between them, both based on Grieg material, are witty, clever, entirely engaging, at the same time thoroughly good fun and satisfyingly meaty. 2L continue their weird policy of packaging CD and BluRay together, so you can keep one and make a friend as happy as you will be. Absolutely thrilling, from the first note to the last – do yourself a favour and buy it soon.” Martin Anderson

The Pianist, UK: 
”The Dena Piano Duo is the best possible advocate for Grieg’s Mozart arrangements”…

Classic FM, UK: 
“It is difficult to imagine…(the music)…sounding much better than on this beautifully played and recorded disc”.

Fanfare Magazine, New York: 
“Heide Gortz and her one-time student Tina Margareta Nilssen give exemplary, fully satisfying accounts of the music from the standpoint of both composers, neither overdoing the Romantic issues nor underplaying the Classical ones. The recorded sound is excellent, good reverberation and nicely spaced acoustics that sound even better when subjected to Super Audio surround sound. This disc has been burning up my player, and I can’t keep this stupid smile off my face when hearing it. A hands-down double thumbs-up!”
Steven E. Ritter

Neue Musikzeitung, Deutschland: 
“Die beiden Pianistinnen des Dena Piano Duos, Heide Görtz und Tina Margareta Nilssen, arbeiten dieses Konzept mit äussersten Präzision und Klarheit heraus – nie wird die Mozart-Sonate durch die Grieg’sche Untermalung bedrängt oder überdeckt, deutlich legt sich der ehrfürchtige zarte Schleier um die Musik Mozarts”…
Dr. Adelheid Krause-Pichler

Fanfare Magazine: 
”The Dena Piano Duo (Tina Margareta Nilssen, piano 1 and Heide Görtz piano 2) are excellent pianists, and the sound quality is also excellent.”
Burton Rothleder

San Francisco Chronicle: Excellent (highest score) 
”Here’s a wonderful musical oddity guaranteed to inspire outrage in the purists and delight in the rest of us — a winning combination if ever there was one.”…”It’s irresistible, and the performances by the Dena Piano Duo from Norway — tender, robust and full of feeling — make the music sound all the more enchanting.”
Joshua Kosman

Piano International: 
“Played with finesse and expertly engeneered, the effect, particularly in the famous C minor Sonata, is quite magical.”

Neue Musikzeitung (nmz): 
”Eine interessante, hervorragend gespielte und lehrreiche Neueinspielung, nicht nur für Grieg-Liebhaber.”…”Die schlichten, grandiosen Themen, die sich in ihrer Fortführung verflechten und mit technischen Raffinessen und geschickten Korrespondenzen ein „gescheites Gespräch“ abgeben, ist immer aufs Neue beeindruckend, wenn es mit solcher Brillanz und Leichtigkeit gespielt wird, wie in diesem Fall von Heide Görtz und Tina Nilssen.” Ein Artikel von Adelheid Krause-Pichler 
”My comparisons have solely been to tre well-received Teldec CD performed by Sviatoslav Richter and Elisabeth Leonskaja was was released in 1995′.,..’A side-by-side comparison reveals significantly more charm in the Dena Piano Duos performances on this SACD. ”

Terningkast 5 i Fædrelandsvennen: 
“Glimrende godt spill er det, og jeg synes det er fornøyelig å lytte til.”…”Her er det bare å gi seg i kast med å nyte” “Nok en viktig utgivelse i Grieg-året 2007.”
 Emil Otto Syvertsen

Norske Tina Margareta Nissen og tyske Heide Görtz, opprinnelig student og lærer, tolker Griegs Mozartsonater med ungdommelig pågåenhet”…”det klinger flott.” 
”Dena Piano Duo, Norwegian pianist Tina Margareta Nilssen and her former Berlin Professor Heide Görtz, fascinate the audience with an even broader spectrum of colors on their musical palette. The purebred K448 will not disappoint the puritan Mozart community, only double their pleasure. The work is more demanding than most Mozart solo sonatas yet the Dena Piano Duo laughs in the face of technical and interpretive challenges. They do not metronomize themselves to sacramental rite but glide through the most difficult passages with natural fluidity and pulse. They do it so gracefully that I almost lose sense of their fast-paced tempi, which makes the experience simply more jaw-dropping. 
The Fantasia being improvisational in nature provided Grieg with creative license to embellish at will then and the Dena Duo the liberty to interpret freely now. But like any world-class piano duos, they know only too well that freedom without discipline equals chaos. The two outer “Adagios” with their grave introductions are dramatic as well as romantic but never indulgent. The center-piece “Andantino” is exquisitely pensive but never whimsical, framed by the two “Allegros” that are tempestuous but never impulsive. This is perfect balance between freedom and discipline that wins your heart without coercion.” 
…”Just as Grieg was to be congratulated for the creative concept that freed the simple Norwegian melody into endless possibilities, so the Dena Piano Duo should be commended for their range of interpretive litheness. A rare find to so stretch your musical imagination.” David Kan

Ajanlo (Ungarn): 
”Die zwei Pianistinnen können – wie man hört – ausgezeichnet miteinander kommunizieren. Ihrem Alter entsprechend repräsentieren sie zwei unterschiedliche Generationen; so sind in ihrem Spiel jugendliches Feuer und auskristallisierte Weisheit gleichzeitig präsent. Nur eine solche Interpretation vermag es, uns die Absicht und die Ideen des Komponisten, die Tiefe seiner Seele und seiner Eingebung zu vermitteln.”…”Man kann noch nicht wissen, ob diese Serie fortgesetzt wird; wenn man aber das Niveau des Vortrags der beiden Pianistinnen betrachtet, können sie jedenfalls getrost auch Vol. III und IV herausbringen. Denn bei den Hörern findet man immer eine Nachfrage nach Produktionen dieser Qualität.” Czékus Mihály, Ungarn

”Prisverdig og absolutt sympatisk!” Kjell Moe

”Det glitrer”,,,” kan frembringe syngende toner med en kjerne som få kan produsere.” Magnus Andersson

”…utøverne bidrar sterkt til å gi musikken uttrykk. Dermed blir også avslutningsnummeret, som er Griegs gammelnorsk romanse med variasjoner for to klaver, opus 51, et stykke som får karakter. Med noen originale nyanseringer i både det og i Mozarts KV448 blir resultatet en helhetlig og gjennomført innspilling.” Hroar Klempe

Audiophile Audition – 5 av 5 stjerner: “It was like the sun had come out! Much more clarity, depth, natural piano timbres, and a feeling of actually being in the hall with the two pianists”..”Nilssen and Görtz are very precise in their playing and phrase beautifully in the sonata.”.. – John Sunier :
”..the Dena Duo play with a great sense of character and bring out a myriad of light and shade”..”In the sonata, every detail is allowed to blossom naturally and with judicious use of pedalling and a dynamic range that doesn’t tend to extremes, this is an account that lets every part be voiced without strain and brings many a delight to the ear of the listener. A particular highlight is the melting Andante which just melts the heart”..”Highly recommended.” – Polly Nominal

Audiotechnique, Hong Kong (mars 2008): 
“If you can embrace the creativity of one composer paying tribute to another composer and never mind which part of it is Mozart and which part of it is Grieg, then the Dena Piano Duo’s interpretation is just perfect. The two pianists take turn to sit in the primo role, resulting in the most natural dialogue that epitomizes the sincere respect that Grieg was trying to convey. 2-channel offers clearly defined imaging and 5-channel delivers richer tones and more airy resonance.”

HVT, Hifi Video Test, The Netherlands (mars 2008): 
“Prachtige opname, waarbij beide piano’s af en toe één lijken in klank.”

Audiophile Edition: “immediate pleasures of quick perky tempos, and letting Mozart’s, and Grieg’s, magic work its wonders in a sort of naive strolling kind of way”…”especially considering the relaxed, spaced-out nature of the performances which are totally professional without being intimidating.”

SA-CD: 5 av 5 stjerner:
 “The clarity is not just down to the wonderful recording but their highly sensitive and delicate touch”…”Their phrasing is delightful”…”Very good and very enjoyable indeed – highly recommended. Once again, 2L have a real winner!”

American Record Guide: 4 1/2 av 5 stjerner
: “What Grieg wanted to do is complement the originals, similar to the way a talented younger jazz musician might want to sit in on a session with an older master. Grieg’s intentions are obvious and entirely successful in this very lucid and elegant performance by the Dena Piano Duo”…”With these two performers, Heide Görtz and Tina Margareta Nilssen, the gracefulness of the Classical era is maintained,”…

Klassisk Musikkmagasin, terningkast 5:
 “Dena piano Duo, halvt norsk, halvt tysk, leverer boblende og friske gjengivelser som gnistrer av liv.”
Martin Anderson

 “En flott Mozart/Grieg!”

“Norske Tina Margareta Nilssen og tyske Heide Görtz”…”har begge en sart, inderlig og ærlig ment tone. De gjør også hva de kan for å gjøre teksturene lette uten å miste den dramatikken Grieg prøver å legge til Mozarts musikk.” Magnus Andersson

Terningkast 5 i Adressavisa: 
”En skikkelig musikalsk kuriositet som disse to damer gestalter med både glimt og musikalsk glede.”